Horizon Wiki
Parameter Details
storeAs Required;
owner Optional; find planets owned by the specified race; accepts a race id, or keywords 'any' and 'none'
populationOccupancy Optional; percent of population to planet population capacity ratio. (eg. populationOccupancy="<85" returns planets who are less than 85% occupied)
isListeningPost Optional
isHomeworld Optional;
isHomeSystem Optional; find planets which do or do not occupy a system with a homeworld
findAll Optional; returns all the planet id's of the planets matching the criteria in a csv list format
starId Optional; planets in this star system will be returned
sector Optional;
subSector Optional;
building Optional; accepts a csv list of building types and associated levels. (eg. building="0:0, 2, 3:2" will find planets with no trade building (0:0), a research building at level 1 or more (2), and an industry building at level 2 (3:2))