Horizon Wiki

Anti-matter based propulsion systems that allow your ships to move fast in space.

(As of V1.0.2.126)

Speed: 50 => lvl 1 and 95 => lvl 10
Speed in anomalies: 40% => lvl 1 and 85% => lvl 10
Maneuverability: Poor
Power usage: 40% of max power
Cost: 5% of hull size

Strategic Section
- The Antimatter engines are the fastest engines in the game at all levels of refinement.
- Their poor maneuverability in combat makes them bad for fighting battle. Your ships will attack last all the time unless your enemy has antimatter engines too. Turning your ships around will also be very painful with those engines, especially the big motherships.
- They have the highest power use of all the engines, which makes them hard to use on an all-beam ship who needs all the power it can get.
- They cost average compared to the other engines.
- They are the best engines to move on the galaxy map. If i discover the graviton engines, i usually keep my antimatter engines on my non-combat ships like colony and troops transports. Scout ships are good candidates too.
- They are more efficient power wise when coupled with an Hydrogen Power Generator.