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The Barsig Council
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The Barbecks are a highly evolved naturalist species. They have litle interest in the affairs of other races and have remained mostly reclusive throughout the galaxy.
Homeworld Raskan
Philosophy: Agrarian
Temperament: Passive
Behaviour: Social
Relations: Unknown
Government: Unification
Custom Techs: Nuclear Power Generator
Fusion Engines
Combat Suits
Stratium Armor
Advanced Waste Disposal
Ion Cannon
Proton Torpedoes
Heavy Slug Rifle
Abilities: Resourceful

The Barsig Conglomerate is one of ten different races which can be encountered in Horizon.

The Barsig are known as commoners in the galactic family of space-faring races. Everyone knows of them or has had dealings with them at some point or another seeing as they go everywhere whether invited or not! Not very advanced technologically, it's a wonder they have attained the ability to travel beyond their homeworld. But what they don't have they manage to obtain through trade or more commonly by simply collecting what other races throw away.

The Barsig control and operate most of the junkyards in the galaxy. They are also hired by other races for doing the worst tasks and are often taken advantage of. Yet they happily seem to go about their business almost like having accepted their fate in the order of things. The Barsig are by nature friendly if not a little indifferent and tend to be agreeable in most situations.