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The Galactic Council


The Diplomacy screen allows you to view your relations with other races and gives you the option to either open communications, view the most current report we have on them or to declare war.

Report screen[]

The report screen keeps track of what we know about them including their allies and enemies. A history log also records important events. Video links on the race ships and homeworld are also available for viewing.

Diplomatic Communication screen[]

The communication screen allows us to open a com channel with the race representative so we may conduct diplomacy. On the left we see the enemies and allies of the race and any treaties we have with them. On the right a small map of the galaxy is available to help with decision making.

Diplomacy Options[]

Diplomacy options are very detailed and vary based on relations and situation (whether an option is valid). While negotiating you or the alien government can agree, disagree or also make counter offers to sweeten a deal before agreeing.

Treaties Requests Demands Offers Declarations Threats
  • Open territory to merchants
  • Free trade
  • Free travel
  • Intel sharing
  • Research sharing
  • Armistice
  • Peace
  • Non-Aggression
  • Alliance
  • Monetary Aid
  • Ship Supplies Aid
  • Attack colony
  • Defend colony
  • Blockade colony
  • Impose Embargo
  • Make peace with (broker peace)
  • Declare war on
  • Break alliance with
  • Stop helping race
  • A tribute
  • Give us tech
  • Remove ships from
  • Lift embargo
  • Lift embargo On
  • Surrender
  • Surrender System
  • Tribute
  • System
  • Technology
  • Monetary Aid
  • Ship supplies Aid
  • Impose Embargo
  • Beg for Merci
  • Declare War
  • Surrender
  • Stop trespassing in our territory
  • Stop attacking our ships
  • Stop attacking our colonies
  • Condemn the use of Bio-Weapons
  • Terminate all hostilities
  • Restrain your reckless expansion