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Fusion based propulsion systems are easy to manufacture and cheap in material cost. Requires a fairly high output power generator to function.

(As of V1.0.2.126)

Speed: 30 => lvl 1 and 57 => lvl 10
Speed in anomalies: 20% => lvl 1 and 47% => lvl 10
Maneuverability: Good
Power usage: 30% of max power
Cost: 5% of hull size

Strategic Section
- The fusion engines are slow on the galaxy map. It does not improve much with refinement.
- Their good maneuverability makes them the best for combat. With those engines equipped, your ships will strike first before the enemy ships (unless they are equipped with fusion engines too). This gives you an ENORMOUS advantage in combat. The only downside of this engine in combat is that it does not move very far, so if you are in a pursuit situation or you try to get away, you're out of luck (This is not a common situation so it isn't a big deal anyway).
- They have an average power use.
- They cost average compared to the other engines.
- They are the worst engines to move on the galaxy map at the latest levels. Which mean your ships will get very slowly to their destination. For attacking ships this becomes a problem, but if you make defensive fleets, those engines becomes awesome!
- They are more efficient power wise when coupled with a Fusion Power Generator.