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Graviton propulsion systems that are affordable and power efficient. These engines provide the thrust necessary to move and maneuver in space.

(As of V1.0.2.126)

Speed: 20 => lvl 1 and 92 => lvl 10
Speed in anomalies: 10% => lvl 1 and 82% => lvl 10
Maneuverability: Average
Power usage: 30% of max power
Cost: 5% of hull size

Strategic Section
- The Graviton engines are the second fastest engines in the game from level 5 and up. But they start as the worst engine in the game speed wise.
- Their average maneuverability makes them good for combat, with only the fusion engines being better.
- They have an average power use.
- They cost average compared to the other engines.
- They are the second best engines to move on the galaxy map. In reality, at levels 5+, they become almost as fast as the antimatter engines, so they are the engines you want to use on your warships.
- They are more efficient power wise when coupled with an Hydrogen Power Generator.