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Allows a ship to transport one full division of ground combat troops along with their equipment. Soldiers can be loaded/unloaded at a colony.

- 5000 troops
- 20 space used
- 50 cost

Strategy Section
(As of V1.0.2.126)
- Troops are needed to invade enemy colonies. You need a looooooot of troops for the invasion even if you reduce the enemy troops to very few on the colony before invasion. As a rule of thumb, whenever you think you have enough troops for your campaign against another race, you always run out!
- On a medium size ship, you can have 35000 troops (7 pods). This is the maximum and bigger ships aren't going to give you more troops pods so there is no advantage in using bigger ships than this for your transports.
- Because you need so many of them, it is very important that you put no weapon on these ships. The reason for this is that as soon as you put one weapon in your design, the ship built from it is going to use command points and it costs you 2bc (billion credits) for each command point that you don't have for your active ships. Since you need a lot of troops ships, they better take zero command points or you are going to be bankrupted fast.
- After unloading your troops, each turn passed at a system will replenish 5000 troops on each troop ship. I'm not sure if this is still the case when you are in an enemy system with you owning no planets in it. (For example, let's say you unloaded all your troops for an invasion and it failed).
- The strength of your troops depends on your racial ability and a lot of ground combat technologies. I believe the game dev have gone a bit crazy on the amount of ground teks that you can get and improve. Note that these teks are cumulative:

Air Fighters
Air Bombers
Armored Personnel Carriers
Battle Droids
Battle Drones
Battle Landers
Combat Mechs

- Also, you can get one of the following tek for arming your troops. Note that there is a concept of a bonus versus the normal races (N) and a different bonus for the ancient races (A). The ancient races usually are near immortal and harder to battle in ground combat. Only the best one of the following will be used:

Hand Phaser
Heavy Slug Rifle
Neutrino X Gun
Plasma Pulse Rifle