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Kuntari Republic
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Alien Galactic Archives
Physically imposing and strong, the Kuntari are the quintessential race of warriors. Ruled by their emperor, a heroic figure in their society who has managed to unify clans.
Homeworld Kuntaria
Philosophy: Warriors
Temperament: Aggressive
Behaviour: Social
Relations: Unknown
Government: Feudal
Custom Techs: Fusion Engines
Hydrogen Power Generator
Combat Suits
Duranium Armor
Plasma Bolt Cannon
Plasma Pulse Rifle
Abilities: Warrior

The Kuntari Conglomerate is one of ten different races which can be encountered in Horizon.

Physically imposing and strong,The Kuntari are the quintessential race of warriors. Their emperor, a heroic figure in their society, rules by his popularity as well as his past accomplishments. The other lords, one from each clan, make up the rest of the influential governing body called the Korum.

Under their current emperor, the empire has spanned into several sectors of space advancing both militarily and in influence. The expansion has contributed greatly to their society by mostly eliminating the constant in-fighting and unifying the clans to serve the empire.