Horizon Wiki

Organic based propulsion systems that allow your ships to move with almost zero power requirement. Very costly to manufacture.

(As of V1.0.2.126)

Speed: 30 => lvl 1 and 75 => lvl 10
Speed in anomalies: 20% => lvl 1 and 65% => lvl 10
Maneuverability: Average
Power usage: 20% of max power
Cost: 10% of hull size

Strategic Section
- The organic engines are bad engines at lvl 1 and becomes pretty good at lvl 10.
- Their average maneuverability in combat makes them good for fighting battle. Your ships will attack before the enemy (but not as good as fusion engines).
- They have the lowest power use of all the engines, which is pretty good! Can be useful on an all beam ship.
- They cost twice the other engines, but honestly it isn't a big deal unless you are so cash strapped that every credit count.
- On the lowest levels, your ships will not move very fast on the galaxy map.
- They are more efficient power wise when coupled with an Organic Power Generator.