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Ship design screen

SHIP DESIGN[edit | edit source]

The ship design screen allows you to quickly create new ship designs based on available technology.

Designing ships[edit | edit source]

There are 4 customizable designs available for each ship hull size available. These are small, medium, large and huge. You can name your designs by clicking in the top-left panel. New ships built on these designs will carry this name. Each design has 8 configurable slots in each category. These are Core, Weapon and Specials slots. They are color coded to match their corresponding list panels. To configure a slot, you simply click on the slot then select the appropriate technology from the corresponding list on the sides. To clear a slot, you can double-click on a slot. Hovering on a slot or list item will display stats on the top-right panel. Important information of the design is also displayed on the bottom panel.

Ship sizes[edit | edit source]

Small Medium Large Huge
  • Scout
  • Scout 2
  • Scout 3
  • Scout 4
  • Cruiser
  • Cruiser 2
  • Cruiser 3
  • Cruiser 4