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In the year 1977, the Voyager-1 and Voyager-2 spacecrafts are launched by NASA for the exploration of planets in our solar system. Many years later having completed their primary missions, both spacecrafts continue exploring the outer edges of our solar system to gather as much data as possible before they run out of power. It is during this period in the year 2020 when the spacecraft Voyager-2 starts detecting infrared signals coming from an unknown source.

Back on Earth at the command center a small team is tracking the signal and checking the data transmitted by Voyager-2. Just as they start to analyze the signal, something large and alien collides with Voyager-2 and it goes offline...

After a restart of its core systems, Voyager-2 is brought back online and starts re-transmitting data gathered by its sensors. A video feed is part of the data coming from the alien vessel along with a message and a warning...

"We, the Kortahz, have sent this message throughout the galaxy for all sentient beings. This is our story and our struggle for existence. Long before this galaxy had formed, and before we came to exist, immortal and immaterial beings of pure light and energy roamed. These beings, the Varaians have always been. They are our creators. The Varaians engineered us in an effort to build an ideal, material, companion race. There were trials that followed our creation, to ensure compatibility between our two people. In these, we did not endure, and they considered us a failure. Our undoing was desired by the Varaians, and in the battles that followed, many of our kind were lost. Some of us fled into the vastness of space, and set forth a plan to rid this galaxy of our architects.
Our plan: To spread the spores of life throughout the galaxy, in hopes that these seeds would birth new civilizations that might aid us in our struggle against the Varaians. The Varaians had learned of our plan and were intrigued. They did not interfere, and the galaxy was left to mature. We hid while indigenous people emerged throughout the galaxy, some evolving to space faring civilizations. They watched, and we understood their intent. Undaunted by their lack of success, our makers persist in their pursuit of finding their companion race. This companion race whom they promise to elevate to a higher level of consciousness.
Be cautious in your galactic travels, for our struggles for survival may yet become yours as well. We fear this, and we must not allow this to happen.”

Additional information is recovered in the data stream including astronomical charts and technological designs that may help advance scientific knowledge by leaps and bounds..

After many decades of major technological advancements we now have the basic capabilities to build starships that are capable of traveling through space and to go beyond our home system to explore the Galaxy. What remains is the right commander who will lead Earth in this new age for mankind!