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Tactical combat screen 1

Tactical combat screen 2

Tactical combat screen 3

Tactical combat is an integral part of Horizon.

The turn-based tactical mode allows you to take control of ships and taskforces in the tactical phase of the game.

Your screen (the camera) shows a small portion of the current sector. You can pan the camera by mouse-click dragging (hold the left-mouse button down and drag it in the direction you want). You can also click on the mini-map or use the arrow keys to change your view.

Combat UI Panel[]

On the left you have a mini-map of the sector and objects visible to you (based on your scanners limit) are shown on this map.

The middle system panel is divided into 3 parts. The left port shows the selected object’s status including name, power level, movement available, crew, status and other information. The right port shows the same for the target. The center console shows the selected object’s weapons and special systems. It can also show other information when appropriate.

On the right you have your commands. These include Wait, Com, Board, Attack, Launch, Scan for the currently selected object. And also the Task force Lock toggle if you want to restrict control to the selected taskforce instead of all your taskforces in the current sector.

Combat messages Window[]

Combat messages are displayed in a window on the top left. You can click on this window to expand it.

Rounds, Initiative and Auto-Mode[]

On the top right the current Round and Initiative is displayed.

The Auto-Mode toggle button is also shown (shortcut: space key). This button lets you take control or give-up manual control.

Combat Flow[]

Each ship gets a turn every round based on their initiative (speed). There are 20 rounds until the tactical combat phase ends (it’s really paused and you can continue after the strategic phase turn).