Horizon Wiki

Improves and increases fertile land on earthen planets. This will enable your race to colonize planets of the following types:

  • Barren
  • Metallic
  • Volcanic
  • Toxic

Additionally, you gain the ability to terraform a planet you own in the planet view. Use the environmental control to so but be careful: Terraforming is cost intensive! So choose carefully which planet gains most out of terraforming.

Terraforming also mutates a planet to fit it's inhabitants. That means, the planet will be turned to the type the homeworld of the inhabiting race has. For example, if the inhabitants' homeworld is a volcanic planet and they are living on an earth type planet, terraforming will turn that earth type planet into a volcanic planet.

Notice that some planet types require multiple terraforming cycles. These are the standard cycles for a species that starts on Earth type planets.

Starting type Resulting type
Arctic Earth
Barren Desert
Desert Earth
Metallic Barren
Ocean Earth
Volcanic Barren